Everybody deserves to go abroad. Go abroad is not only for vacation, but go abroad to have the ‘real pleasure’ by increasing international network and improving your quality. Provide many information about go abroad program as such of conference, excursion, exchange, volunteer abroad, continue their study. Provide opportunity to build networking with parties in different countries so that they can be inspired to become great leaders in their fields of interest. Provide best education information from international universities such as bachelor program, master and PHD program, short courses, exchange and training.


It has always been our mission to change lives through meaningful experience, Bringing up various program in many fields, to build International network with conference program, upgrade skills from many mentors. Get a new friends with exchange activities, feel a great with excursion experience, and get more information about scholarship. We expect new insight, experience and enrichment as outcome for the future.

Studec International Value


We work with the best effort, having good responsibility and make our partner satisfied.


We treat our partner well, we observe what our partner want, and collaborate with awesomeness of both.


we have a million idea to create amazing program, innovate the program to becomes the first.


We are open to work with all partners, such as universities, company, organisations, community and etc. We believe that collaborate and doing together make it faster.